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Soy Methyl Esters

Soy Methyl Esters

Biodegradable Nontoxic Low VOCs Environmentally Friendly

These words are not only becoming more popular, but more necessary to slow down the destruction of the ozone and the Earth. When it comes to making our world a little safer and a cleaner place, we look for alternatives to previously acceptable chemicals. The question is: What is an environmentally-friendly product that gives us the level of performance that we have become accustomed to? The answer is no further than America's Heartland - Soybeans.

The obvious benefits to methyl esters is the improvement in health and the environment. Additionally. Utilizing methyl esters in your processes supports the American farmer. The more soy-based products that are purchased on the open market, the less that the government needs to subsidize the farmers. The use of methyl esters will also lessen our dependence on foreign sources and keep important profits within the United States.

Are you looking to reduce your VOCs? Soy methyl esters are usually below 50 grams per liter.

Government purchasing is being nudged toward "buy clean" and "green" options for their cleaning compounds. Be ready with Soy Methyl Esters. Some of the current applications are as follows:

Adhesive Removers Mold Release Agents
Asphalt Cleanup Oil Spill Cleanup and Biocemediation
Auto Waxes Paint Removers
Corrosion Preventatives Parts Cleaning and Degreasing
Graffiti Removers Paint and Resin Cleanup
Hand Cleaners Pesticide Carriers and Adjuvants
Metal Working Lubricants Screen Printing Ink Removers

As an extension form our cooking oil line, Columbus Foods has started manufacturing methyl esters.

Soy methyl esters are available in 2.5 gallon bottles, 6.5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, or bulk tank truck delivery. To request more information and/or a sample, please call Joe Loveshe at:
(800) 322-6457.

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